Media Plus HoldingMedia Plus Holding Ltd. is a multi-cultural, multi-faceted and dynamic organization specialized in producing promotional country reports for both print and television media, directed at world’s business community. The reports aim to inform readers of the economic conditions, investment climates and the business opportunities worldwide. Such information is gathered through personal meetings with government ministers and managing directors or presidents of the nation’s top 100 companies.

The economic country reports are presented through three major promotional outlets: The European Times, Asia Business Channel and the US Television. The concept of the economic country report is not only a thriving business model for our enterprise, it also provides a substantial voice for countries all over the world in the global market place.

The content of a country report covers both editorial and commercial perspectives. With in-depth interviews and fascinating articles, we tell the entire economic story of the countries, enabling the highest political policy makers and the most important entrepreneurs to voice their vision. Our editorial team offers in-depth analysis of the most important facts & figures and puts the economic key industries of your country in the spotlight.

Media Plus recruits and trains people to work as international sales representatives throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America, giving them the unique chance to interact with decision-makers in various challenging and competitive environments. If you have passion for sales with excellent work ethic and an intense enthusiasm to travel at least 335 days a year on projects worldwide, please visit www.mediaplusapplicant.com.

“At Media Plus Holding we believe in open communication and dynamic interaction. Our staff is young and pioneering, never restricted to just one way of problem solving. We believe in knowledge sharing and reaching our goals with as many tools and as efficiently as possible.” are the guiding words of our CEO, Mr. Mathieu Cuypers.

Media Plus Holding is based in Cyprus, with production offices in Brussels, Dubai and London.






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